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Introduction to Local Government

There are three tiers of local government which affect life in Hartpury. The top level (ie that nearest central government) is Gloucestershire County Council which is responsible for the overall planning within the County and has specific reponsibility for the (non trunk) roads, education, emergency services, libraries, trading standards, etc.

Further information about the work of the County Council is available on their website.

The next level down is the Forest of Dean District Council which is responsible for housing, planning and development control, environmental health, refuse collection, etc. This is also the body which has the task of collecting local taxes - the council tax and the business rates - which pay for the services of the Parish Council (see below) the District Council, the County Council and the Police Authority.

Further information about the work of the District Council is available on their website.

The lowest tier of local government (ie that nearest the people) is the Parish Council. As well as providing certain local services, its main role is in providing a link between the local community and the other service providers. In particular, the Parish Council is consulted and provides a view on all planning applications.

Hartpury Parish Council

Hartpury Parish Council is comprised of seven councillors who are elected by the parishioners and serve for a term of four years. There are currently 7 Councillors.


The Clerk is a part-time employee of the Council and is responsible for the management and smooth running of all the Parish Council's affairs.

Meetings are usually held bi-monthly at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall and members of the public are welcome to attend but may not participate in the discussion. Notice of meetings and the agenda are posted on the Parish noticeboard at the Post Office.